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Note The `--prompt` option is available for most commands in most shells. This prompt is also a feature of the `sudo` command: $ sudo ls --prompt sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified [sudo] password for john: You will be asked for your user password. The `whoami` command may show your system account name, for example, `root`. If you prefer, the `id` command shows which account you belong to. # Handling Bad Input with Traps In Chapter 8, we saw that input might be passed to commands in an unexpected way. For example, the following command provides a password on the standard input and prints it back on the screen: $ sudo -S ls -l Password: If we'd like to trap the bad input, we can use the `trap` command. Recall from Chapter 8 that the shell intercepts input and sends it to the commands on the command line. If we change the command to include the `trap` command, we can capture any unexpected input. We can also change the command to ignore an expected input, as shown in the following example: $ **sudo -S ls -l | grep ^d** $




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Dogfart Username Password

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