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Mark and Jeanie - Your Wedding Geeks!

Married for 26.40929487 years (roughly) ourselves and with more than 1550 happy couples united by our hands, we are an experienced team dedicated to providing you with the perfect ceremony.

Mark is widely considered* to be the Pittsburgh area's most engaging** wedding speaker.

While Mark officiates, Jeanie can be there to keep the bridesmaids in tissues and whip the groomsmen into shape. 

Jeanie is a trained bridal consultant and is very adept at day-of-the-ceremony coordinating. Mark is, well... not, but he does know what a crinoline is and can use the word organza correctly in a sentence. 


Of course, not every couple needs a two-person team to run the ceremony- some venues have their own staff; some couples hire day-of coordinators. We have enough experience to know when to take charge and when to step back. We're wedding geeks, not control freaks. In those cases, Jeanie is there simply to keep the lint off Mark's jacket and to remind him not to say anything stupid. 

*by his mom, one great-aunt, himself, most of his couples and two guys who overheard him practicing in a Denny's men's room

** "engaging", see what I did there? 


Ready to meet the wedding makers? 

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