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Fact is, the best testimonials are those that are unspoken. They are in the trembling voice of a groom, his rough fingers folded around the delicate hand of his bride, as he speaks his vows to his beloved. It's in the moist eyes of that bride as those words touch her heart and bind them soul-to-soul. It's a father bringing his daughter to the altar, turning to the couple to give his blessing to them and saying "I just wanted to say... I- " and never being able to finish, but the words that had gone unsaid still understood as he kisses his daughter on the cheek and gives her hand to his new son-in-law. It's Mom dabbing her eyes once again, the tissues that she had tried so hard to conceal now brimming from her purse. It's the look of joy on her face as her child and child-in-law present her with a gift of a rose- her arms clasped tightly around their necks as she accepts their gratitude for everything she's done.

Yes, these are the greatest testimonials an officiant can receive. Just being part of something so memorable, so divine, so incredibly joyous is a reward in itself.

That, and money.

Also, cookies.*

And Reviews! Check these out:

* Preferred cookies: oatmeal raisin, buckeyes, molasses, whiskey.**

**Yes, I realize whiskey isn't a cookie but they pair well

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