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Services and Fees

As a new couple, your money is best spent on setting a good groundwork for your marriage. You deserve more than just a pudgy, though Puckishly adorable, minister and his wonderful wife. You need someone with experience who can act as a guide through the wedding process. Someone who can help calm your nerves, get grandma seated in the right spot, and convey to the whole world those feelings that you have for each other. 


To us, this isn't a business- it's a vocation and calling. We try our hardest to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, while still maintaining the level of professionalism (and fun! Don't forget the fun!) that you deserve on your wedding day. As a bonus, our packages have adorable and rather quirky names!

Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!

Photo credit: Dawn Derbyshire


  • Simply the Two of You (and perhaps a few friends): $175 Read More>

  • Simply Amazing (Standard Wedding)$550 Read More>

  • A Simple Affair- Pop-up Weddings! Under 25 guests? $375

Relationship Coaching

 Not required, but hey, it's cheap! And your marriage is worth cheap, right?

Okay, that didn't come out right, but ask me about the SYMBIS Program anyway! 

Ceremony & Vow


Having a friend, family member or sapient farm animal perform your ceremony? Want to be sure they have a great ceremony script? Mark can write your ceremony for you!

Need help putting your emotions into words? Mark can write your vows!

Need help landing the big smooch? Mark can refer you to a specialist.

Other Fees

  • Rehearsals: $100, and completely worth it*

  • Travel Fee: Over 50 miles from Ambridge, PA: $1.50 per mile

  • A little more if I have to stay overnight, fly, ride a pack animal or hire a sherpa

  • Retainer: 50% of your total, non-refundable

*Really! I make them both fun and informative. They're funformative!


Sorry, rehearsals are not available on Saturdays after 12 PM

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