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Why You Will Book Dr. Steve


  • Story-teller: Steve tells your love story elegantly

  • Open-Hearted: Love is Love is Love is Love is Love, sometimes love, often LOVE, and can even be LoOOveeEee, but mostly Love.

  • Intelligence and Intellect: any and all derpiness is reserved for his pets

  • Creative: He writes! He paints! He's excellent with tools! He can do your hair!

  • Well-Suited: Is his best color shamrock green? Yes. But the man can pull off anything. 

  • Chill: like a tall mimosa on a balmy summer morning

  • Non-GMO: Steven is the result of a naturally-occurring hybridization native to the Greater Boston area

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Hello Happy Humans! 

I am an ordained, non-denominational Minister and wedding officiant.

I have performed weddings for both straight and LGBT couples in a variety of settings, some with pretty unique themes.

I consider myself progressively alternative in my beliefs and appearance, but can easily tone it down to match the ambiance and feel of the ceremony.

Some couples want me in a tuxedo or suit, while others want a Celtic feel and request that I wear a kilt.

I am of Scottish and Irish heritage and have been called "leprechaun" more times than I can count.

Sorry, I do not have a cool accent.

- Dr. Steven Winsor


Check out this section!

It covers the thrilling topic of

But in cheerful, exciting colors and cute titles so you know Steve is worth it!

  • Elopement, but Effusive: $160

  • Standard, but Spectacular: $475

  • Rehearsal, but Really Good: $100

  • Travel Fee, but Totally Justified : $1.50 per mile over 50 miles from Zip Code 15204

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