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Why You Will Book Janet

  • Brilliant: 

  • Professional: 

  • Cheerful- Janet's genetic makeup is 48% American, 12% Kindness, and 40% actual Sunshine

  • Hand-holder: She'll gently lead you through every step of the ceremony process

  • Mom-Like: but she only cries when bitten. We're not having that again,Todd

  • Life-Saving: seriously, she's a nurse. She knows exactly what to do if the Best Man goes down in a weeping heap of emotion. 

  • Gluten-Free: Janet is not made of wheat or wheat by-products

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Hello Happy Humans! 

I am an ordained, non-denominational Minister and wedding officiant.

That's not the extent of my bio, but Rev. Mark has gotten lazy and also has near entirely forgotten that I'm also a registered nurse, grief counselor, and therapist of some sort.

Did he put that I have a doctorate? No. He didn't. That's probably why I should be writing this up myself rather than leaving it up to him. 

I've told him several times what I do for a living, but it's never sunk in.  I'm guessing a dog walked by, or he saw something shiny, or perhaps he simply started thinking about why bricks aren't used to pave streets anymore. 

Just know that with me, you'll have someone to kindly guide you through your wedding ceremony with wisdom, warmth, and compassion. 

- Janet Arida


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It covers the thrilling topic of

But in cheerful, exciting colors and cute titles so you know Janet is worth it!

  • Elopement, but Effusive: $160

  • Standard, but Spectacular: $425

  • Rehearsal, but Really Good: $100

  • Travel Fee, but Totally Justified : $1.50 per mile over 50 miles from Zip Code 15090

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