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Simply Amazing - $550

What some call "Custom," I call Standard.

Every couple is unique. You have your own schedules, your own abilities, your own desires, your own preferred ways of doing things. 

You can:

  • Choose. Your. Ceremony! from several simple, pre-prepared ceremony outlines. Traditional to contemporary. Religious, spiritual, and personal. Beautifully written -thank you very much. Can be used as-is or made to fit your personal needs.

  • Hit up Rev. Mark's SuperGood Wedding Ceremony Library!- a behemoth-sized online doc containing alternate vows, readings, unity ceremonies, and more! Make some selections. We'll collaborate on a Google Doc to make the process simple and fun!

  • Let Rev. Mark create! He can put a ceremony together for you from top-to-bottom, crafted for you and your partner like a house constructed out of love (awww!).

Regardless of your preference, Mark is a master at personalization. I'm not talking "Mad-Libs"-style here (even if I am talking about myself in the third-person). I'm talking the honest, get-to-know-you, relationship-defining, warm, celebratory type of personalization that will make your family and friends suspicious that I've installed numerous inconspicuous cameras in your throw pillows and lighting fixtures.*

Will there be tears? Likely.

Will there be tenderness. Oh, yes.

Will it be fun? See the expressions on Breanna&Matt's faces in the photo to the right? You tell me.**

*I joke. That would be ridiculous. And expensive. And intrusive. And would require an untraceable, end-to-end encrypted live-feed to my work computer that I definitely 100% don't possess that you know of. 

** I acknowledge that those expressions could also be "please stop talking, I have to pee"

What's Included:

  • Officiant services up to 2 hours

  • Wedding Ceremony (written by me, for you)

  • Preliminary Meeting

  • Planning/Update Meeting upon request

  • Unlimited Phone and E-mail Contact

  • Signing & Filing of Marriage License

  • Travel to your location (over 50 miles from Ambridge at an additional fee)

  • Use of our portable PA system and microphone(s), if necessary

  • A hug?

  • A portion of the ceremony fee will be donated to the Divine Spirit Ministry Kiva Team


Photo: Dean Beatty for George Street Photo & Video

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