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Everyone - regardless of their religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation or background- deserves to have a beautiful wedding ceremony. That's why Mark works to provide you with the ceremony you want, whether it's a traditional Christian ceremony, civil ceremony, elopement, renewal of vows or any alternative ceremonies you may have in mind.

Why You Will Book Rev. Mark


  • Experienced: 1800 weddings over 15 years!

  • Open-Minded: All Faiths are welcome (and non-faith, too!)

  • Open-Hearted: All Love is welcome! Ladies, guys, ladies and guys, ladies and ladies, guys and guys, and those less clearly defined

  • Adorable: Look at those cheeks! Those squinty eyes!

  • Humor and Warmth: the man is like a living duvet stuffed with chuckles

  • Delivery: professional, well-spoken, emotive, and a voice like melted chocolate.

  • Puma-free: to date, not a single person has been mauled by a wild feline at any Rev. Mark Wedding

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During your wedding you are making a serious commitment to each other, pledging yourselves to be together forever. But amongst many other things, a wedding is a celebration of love- your celebration- and celebrations should be met with good humor and joy.

Mark is open to any and all ideas for how you'd like your ceremony.

Want Mark to tell your story? He'll do so with flair!

Want Mark to include your pet guinea pigs in your ceremony? Mark will gladly hold them as you exchange rings!

Want to skip the formalities and have Mark pronounce you "Married AF"? He'll strongly consider it... after checking to see how your grandma might react.

Your ceremony with Mark will be delivered in a clear, resonant voice that uplifts your spirit, with love and laughter, charm and charisma, and enough wisdom and grace to never overshadow the true stars of the day- you and your partner.

You're interested, right? Learn more about Mark's Services.

Hot Wedding Ceremony Action! *

* by "action" I mean "talking" and by "hot" I mean "appropriately warm for an event that takes place where children may be present"

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