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50 Ways to Show Love to Your Partner

When it comes to showing our love, some are sayers, and others are doers; some like physical contact, while others like to do activities together.

The important thing is that we express our love for our partners in the way they desire to be loved as well as the way we want to love them.

Use your imagination to let your beloved know how much you truly care.

Try these ideas to get you started:

  1. Plan a romantic, surprise date

  2. Make them laugh

  3. Take a walk together, holding hands.

  4. Write a love song or poem.

  5. Snap a photo and send it to your partner

  6. Light candles

  7. Let them pick the movie.

  8. Bring home dinner so no one has to cook.

  9. Prepare a great breakfast on the weekend.

  10. Make a handmade gift for them, straight from the heart.

  11. Take a break together: add something fun to a chore-filled day.

  12. Send flowers

  13. Offer to help them pack for a business trip.

  14. Give them a hug

  15. Write a love letter

  16. Buy their favorite movie in the format of your choice.

  17. Complete a project for them that they’ve been dreading

  18. Cuddle up, let go of your worries, and spend some time together

  19. Surprise them with their favorite snack

  20. When they’re extra busy, ask how you can help.

  21. Say you’ll run the errands today.

  22. Give them a day off from their normal house tasks.

  23. Suggest your partner spend a few hours with their friends

  24. Bring home a copy of that new novel they want to read.

  25. Cook your loved one a special dinner

  26. Get professional pictures taken together.

  27. Watch the sunrise together.

  28. Listen. Always have an open ear to your partner.

  29. Send a quick text message to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

  30. Go dancing

  31. Surrender the remote

  32. Hang out with mutual friends

  33. Steal a kiss when they're not expecting it

  34. Go swimming

  35. Go shopping

  36. Throw a party

  37. Take a romantic trip.

  38. Flirt like you did when you first met.

  39. Pick up their favorite coffee on your way home.

  40. Show your partner you trust them.

  41. Be a shoulder to cry on. Be there when they need you the most.

  42. Give them their space to be alone or pursue independent hobbies.

  43. Watch the kids, human or otherwise, to give your partner time to relax.

  44. Ask what they would like to do this weekend.

  45. Cook some soup when they’re sick.

  46. Accompany them to their doctor’s appointment

  47. Give a sincere compliment.

  48. Go for a bike ride

  49. Wash their car

  50. Forgive quickly and move on. Want more ways to enhance your relationship? Check my post on Relaxation for Couples!


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