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Simply the Two of Us - $175

The Elopement. Oftentimes that word brings to mind a quick, unromantic trip to the courthouse, Daddy wearing overalls, and holding a shotgun or Britney Spears.

(Sorry, that's ambiguous. I don't mean to imply that Daddy might be holding Britney. Daddy might be holding the shotgun. I'm just saying that Britney might come to mind because of her past history know what? I'm just going to drop it. You get the point. However, could you imagine your Dad holding Britney Spears like she was a shotgun? Hilarious! Though it might cause some household drama.)

Your married life is too precious to begin that way merely because you do not want the big hootenanny (yes, hootenanny) that goes with a conventional wedding.

All weddings should be treated the same way.

Want to write your own vows? Do it! I'll make space in your ceremony for you to shine.

Will it cost you any extra for me to shut up so you can speak? Nah, but I won't turn down a soft pretzel with cheese on the side to eat while I wait. 

You choose the place, I'll meet you there, and I promise to give your intimate ceremony the respect and care that you deserve. 

*regrettably, this package is not available for Saturday weddings

What's Included:

  • A short, basic Ceremony, in your choice of spiritual (includes prayer) or non-spiritual (doesn't) about 5-10 minutes long*

  • limited to 10 guests

  • Signing & Filing of Marriage License

  • Travel to your location within 25 miles of Ambridge, PA

  • A portion of the ceremony fee will be donated to the Divine Spirit Ministry Kiva Team

  • A hug?

*want more options? more guests? Let's upgrade!

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