Simply the Two of Us - $100

The Elopement. Oftentimes that word brings to mind a quick, unromantic trip to the courthouse, Daddy wearing overalls and holding a shotgun, or Britney Spears. Your married life is too precious to begin that way merely because you do not want the big hootenanny (yes, hootenanny) that goes with a conventional wedding.

To us, all weddings should be treated the same way. Whether we come to you, or you -and your families and friends- to our home we promise to give you the same respect and care that all our couples get. 

What's Included:

  • A short, basic Ceremony- civil, religious or spiritual (your choice, of course) about 5-10 minutes long

  • Signing & Filing of Marriage License

  • Travel to your location within 25 miles of Ambridge, PA

  • A portion of the ceremony fee will be donated to the Divine Spirit Ministry Kiva Team

  • A hug?

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Serving Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and anywhere you want me to be