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How to Use Social Media to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

I know what you do online. I know those messages you and your partner send each other. And let me say that you, ma'am or sir or non-binary person, are a scamp.

You are evidence that messaging back and forth with your partner on social media is full of fun and rascality. But social media has its own challenges to navigate. Social media websites have their own rules and customs regarding privacy and etiquette, though some of us find that out the hard way, ahem. Not following the rules can cause embarrassment, hurt feelings, and relationship issues. It can also be challenging to convey your message in text-form when your partner can't see you or hear your tone. Once you learn the "system," though, social media gives you plenty of opportunities to show your love. Learn to use these techniques in social media and make your partner feel loved: 1. Follow etiquette rules. Social media makes it easy to post and share a message with another person. However, it's important to remember that you may be sharing that message with the entire world, or perhaps, a group of your family and friends with whom you'll eventually want to make eye-contact. * Stay aware of rules at work regarding social media use and avoid using work accounts to communicate with your partner. * Sharing personal and intimate details on social media can embarrass your partner and create issues in your relationship. It can also lead to questions from friends that you may not want to answer.

2. Be aware of your privacy settings. Before you start filling your social media account with messages a l'amour, sweet nothings, or sexy shenanigans, check your privacy settings. * Are you comfortable sharing your social media posts with the world? * Do you prefer that

only your partner or a select group of friends and family members see the messages? * Adjust your privacy settings to your preference and check them periodically. 3. Share small messages of love. Small messages can brighten your partner's day and make them feel special. You can wish them a good day, check in on them during stressful times, post a dorky meme you know they'll enjoy, or send them those three immortal words of intimacy "I pooped today." A smile or heart emoticon can also be a small message of love. * These short messages remind your partner that you care about them. 4. Send love letters. Remember letters? That old-time-y pen-to-paper, long-form jumble of words that made you determine what you thought was worthy enough to make an effort to write down? Try it on social media and you won't have

to practice developing a swish signature. * Online love letters have the benefit of permanence. * You don't have to worry about spilling orange juice on it or losing an online love letter. Save it to an online cloud storage service to access multiple devices such as phones or tablets.

*Replicate the effect of perfuming your letter by dousing yourself in your favorite scent and rolling all over your partner's devices like freshly bathed puppy. Make sure the cameras are off, particularly if doing so in ze nood.

5. Post messages of encouragement. Is your partner having a challenging day at work? Are they worried about a big presentation? Going for a vasectomy? You can use social media to show your support. * You may not be able to attend their big presentation or meeting or assist in their surgery (for insurance purposes), but you can encourage online. Post messages and share ideas. * You can also help them calm down and relax during a difficult day. 6. Pay attention to your tone and content. It's not easy to share messages of love online because your facial expression and body language can't be seen. * Emoticons can help convey your emotions. Choose carefully to find emoticons that connect with your message. The eggplant and the peach only go so far. * Before you hit send, look over your social media post and check it for errors and any wording that could be taken the wrong way. Social media can be a fun tool to help your partner stay aware of your love. Use these networks to reach out to each other and stay connected when you're apart.

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