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Affirmation: My marriage is a priority.

I keep my marriage strong and healthy. I treat my partner with respect. I listen attentively to what they have to say. I am polite and courteous. I care about their welfare. I provide support and validation. I cheer them on when they are struggling, and celebrate their victories. I try to see situations from their perspective. I let them know that their feelings matter. I give generously. I pitch in with household tasks without keeping score. I bring my partner presents like their favorite foods and novels. I show affection. I start the day with a big hug and greet my partner at the door when they return from work. We hold hands and write each other love notes. I discuss my thought and feelings. I allow my spouse to know me and I give them the same opportunity. Our familiarity builds a strong foundation for intimacy and trust. I share my goals and dreams. We work together as a team to build a fulfilling life. I deal with conflicts promptly. I am willing to negotiate and compromise. We search for solutions that satisfy both our needs. I schedule date nights. We enjoy spending couple time together away from work and parenting responsibilities. We have fun and remember the qualities that brought us together in the first place. Today, I connect with my spouse. I treat my marriage like a garden that needs daily tending in order to grow and thrive. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. How do I define commitment? 2. How does maintaining my own identity help to make my marriage stronger? 3. What is one thing I can do today to make my spouse smile?

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