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Are You Ready for Commitment? Quiz

Rate the following with:

1 – Not so much 2 – Most likely 3 – Definitely

  1. ___ I am not interested in ‘playing the field’ at this point in my life.

  2. ___ I think I am a good catch for someone – I have a lot to give.

  3. ___ I have enough experience with potential mates to know what I like and don’t like.

  4. ___ I am willing to curtail the wild nights out with friends in lieu of couple-friendly socializing.

  5. ___ I am mature enough to enter into a committed partnership with a life mate.

  6. ___ I have the skills to communicate, solve problems, and deal with conflict effectively.

  7. ___ I am willing to wait for the right person, instead of trying to make someone right for me.

  8. ___ I have thought about parenting and have a good idea about what’s right for me.

  9. ___ My past relationships are over – I learned from them and have no unfinished business.

  10. ___ I understand that committed relationships are based on mutual respect, shared interests and common values.


Add up your scores.

1-14: You are definitely not ready for a committed relationship.

15-23: You are probably ready, but may want to talk about your uncertainties.

24-30: You are ready to settle down with the right person!

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